Art in Heaven Project

Screening and Live Soundtrack Performance 
The Art In Heaven Project celebrates and memorializes the creativity of artisans who built, carved and painted an array of unique prayer houses across Europe.

Z.S. Rosenfeld and award winning musician Elie Massias team up to create a unique  immersive experience into the decaying mystical architectural elements that bear witness to a lost world.  Elie creates a real time improvised soundtrack to the film with guitar, voice, saxophone, keyboard and looping recorder, bringing these sacred disappearing structures back to life.

Art in Heaven began years ago as Z.S. Rosenfeld traveled throughout Europe photographing sacred architectural icons.  It became his life mission to memorialize the ghosts of the once flourishing spiritual communities, through the remnants of these structures. These images have been exhibited at the Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center in NY, the Magnus Museum in California and the Gallery of the UJA headquarters in NY ….. Now on a new journey.

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