Elie’s Video Blog

Video Blog #3 Season 2 – Body and Soul with a Shelly Manne Drum Loop From the Drum Genius App

Video Blog #2 Season 2 – CD Sing and Play Along with Sarah Jarosz’s Build Me Up From Bones

Elie’s Video Blog #1 for Season 2

This one is a steel string guitar Improvisation inspired by the documentary 'The Winding Stream' about the Carter Family and Country and Western Music.

Elie’s Guitar Vlog #9 2016

Here's an acoustic version of La Flor. A composition by my good friend, the wonderful saxophonist and composer, Pedro Cortejasa. This piece is on the record that we cut in Cadiz last year called 12 Dias.

Elie’s Guitar Vlog #8 2016

Practicing Blues in F at 260 BPM with the DrumGenius app on the drums.
The tune is Charlie Parker's Billie's Bounce.

Elie’s Guitar Vlog #7 2016

New folk song on my weekly guitar video blog...
CFADGC tuning on my Taylor 512 Acoustic.

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog #6 2016

An improvisation with wonderful Bassist Masa Kamaguchi who I met at Berklee back in the day. I have also recorded and played with Masa quite a bit in the Jimmy Weinstein Quartet that also features Chris Cheek on Saxophone.

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog 2016 #5

This Week's Video Blog features prodigious bassist Mr. Ray Parker playing some real nice bowed melodies and solo lines.
We're playing a tune from the 30's called Bye Bye Blues written by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown, and Chauncey Gray.
There's a very cool version of this song by Les Paul and Mary Ford at this link

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog 2016 #4

This week's guitar vlog features the first of a series of videos I filmed during our cross country trip this summer. I improvised short musics at a bunch of awesome locations. This one is at Grand Canyon.....at high altitude breathing gets a little harder 🙂 you can hear it on the track.

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog 2016 #3

This week's Guitar Blog features the great Debbie Deane whom I've been very lucky to make music with through the years.
Check out her awesome music at http://www.debbiedeane.com

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog 2016 #2

This week’s Guitar Vlog features David Bowie’s Space Oddity… 2 parts Nylon String and 2 Parts Electric with plenty reverb and delay. As of next week I’ll be featuring special guests on the blog….stay tuned and enjoy!
Here's the link to Download the music track wave file

Elie’s Weekly Guitar Vlog Post – 2016 #1

This week features an old favorite standard…. played on my Taylor acoustic and playing fingerstyle… Enjoy!