Duo with Jimmy Weinstein


Elie Massias and Jimmy Weinstein have been making music together without interruption since meeting at Berklee College of Music in Boston in the late 1980s. Aside from collaborating on various recordings and tours, Elie formed part of Jimmy's original Jazz quartet with Chris Cheek and Masa Kamaguchi. On this duo project, Elie and Jimmy harness their vast performing and recording experience to create fresh improvised music that breathes with deep reverence to sound, texture, groove and improvised composition...a celebration of music created in the moment. Massias and Weinstein's music draws from unlimited wells of love and commitment to improvised music and transports the listener to new heights of wonder, sound and sheer possibility.
On the upcoming tour the performances will feature visuals and improvised sound tracks to silent films at some of the venues.

Below is a small excerpt from a silent movie by Maya Deren with music by Elie and Jimmy